Welcome To Basterd Records

My name is Amedeo Corona, I go by Amed One. Basterd is my brand/persona/creation. It represents pure authenticity and a strong dedication to greatness. On this site I share authentic boom bap samples, I seek to shine a light on true, authentik, great boom bap music.


The Style's Deep

Basterd is not just a brand, it's a lifestyle. We strive for authenticity and we're dedicated to our craft. We don't take shorts, we don't cut corners; we do it right. The Authentic Way. Our shit is pure, boiled down to the essence. True and livin. 


Still Shinin' 

My mission is to provide beatmakers with authentic, high quality tools to create authentic boom bap music. 

I seek to redefine the Boom Bap sound which has unfortunately been twisted and turned into a phony representation of a true and beautiful art. It hurts my soul to see "real boom bap" which lacks even an ounce of authenticity. I strive to carry the torch, representing true, real boom bap. For years the blind have been led by the blind, I'm here to change that. 

Out of my own genuine love for the art, I unintentionally create high quality authentic boom samples on the daily. I share them on this site. The love is real, and the style's deep.



Anyone can say their shit is authentic, but few can prove it with their actions. Authenticity is not easy, it is a commitment. It takes patience. There's no room for shortcuts. In this art that means sampling records, doing your own digging, in real life, competing for the best sound, using a slow and highly limited sampler, etc. Boom Bap in it's purest, highest form, comes from the 90s, and as a result, you have to be willing to give up the tempting advancements of the 20th century if you want to be truly authentic. By committing to authenticity, you give up convenience, control, speed, and more. You are left with a highly limited and slow practice. It's obvious why so many people aren't committed to it, it's really not easy. You have to be willing to spend much more time, just to do less. But that's the true art. The limitations are what pushes the sound to exceptional levels. There's no fx that can fix a bad sound, you have so get it right from the start. It's pure, genuine, it samples incredible artists from the past, it takes beautiful works of the past and creates something new with it. It is not just a creation of music, it's an exploration into music history, a dive into the great works from legends before us. It's an appreciation of music. A collage of greatness. And most importantly, it's not the tools that made the sound, it's the person behind them. It's not just the samples, it's who you are. True authenticity requires a true artist. 

As far as I'm aware, nobody else out there providing "boom bap" samples is providing actualauthentic boom bap samples. In a day and age where authenticity is so rare to find, I strive to put out quality authentic tools in order to bring back authenticity. I am incredibly dedicated to authenticity in my own right, and out of respect for the art, I believe we all should be.

True authenticity is not easy. Especially in this day and age of instant gratification, true authenticity means giving up instant pleasure. It means spending more money, more time, more work, just to get less results. But if that's the price to pay for pure, authentic boom bap, I'll take that any day.

There is nothing I love more in this world than pure boom bap music, it is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life. Thus, I have dedicated my life to it. I'm not going anywhere, you can expect to see me leading this authentic bap revolution til the day I die. 

Salute to the music, we out, peace

- Amed




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