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Hip Hop Classics Pack

Hip Hop Classics Pack

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Introducing: Hip Hop Classics Pack - Your Gateway to Authentic Boom Bap Beats

Indulge in the treasure trove of classic hip hop sounds with our meticulously curated sound pack. Consider this a gift from one hip hop enthusiast to another. We firmly believe that the essence of classic hip hop deserves to flourish and resonate with a new generation of creators.

Your Sonic Journey Awaits

Immerse yourself in the essence of the past while weaving it into your present creations. Our Hip Hop Classics Pack is a tribute to the genre's golden era, a tribute made more accessible to those who crave that quintessential sound.

Unveiling the Collection

Prepare to be captivated by the diversity within our collection:

  • Over 150 Classic Drum Shots, each a heartbeat of hip hop history.
  • Over 250 Classic Vocal Chops, adding a layer of soulful depth to your compositions.
  • Over 50 Classic Breaks, infusing your beats with rhythm and groove.
  • Over 20 Classic Fills, the punctuation marks to your sonic sentences.

...and more, as we traverse the landscapes of authentic hip hop culture.

Your Voice Matters

As you delve into this auditory adventure, we invite you to share your thoughts by leaving a review. Your insights are greatly valued and appreciated. Together, let's pay homage to classic hip hop and ensure its legacy thrives.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mike Manczak

Dope Shit for real Heads, one Life one Love one Men❤️ Peace from Poland✌🏻

dopest pack

ive been listening to this guys music since i bought the pack and been making beats

Lucas Salazar
The pack absolutely smacks

Ive been doing nothing but music for the past month now


Ill pack

Dope af

Thank u for the pack u a legend my boy